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Jupp would be 'surprised' if Rev returns

Miles Jupp and Tom Hollander in Rev
Image caption Jupp played the devout curate to Tom Hollander's hapless vicar

Rev star and comic Miles Jupp has said he does not envisage a return of the popular TV comedy Rev, in which he starred with Tom Hollander and Olivia Colman.

The Bafta-winning BBC show about life at a London vicarage, ended its third series in April last year.

"It seemed to be finished," Jupp told Radio Times.

"Although I thought the same after series two. I would be very surprised if there was more. I don't see it."

Hollander, who co-wrote the series, said in April 2014 that it was "sad" but "attractive" to end the sitcom after three series, adding he did not want the show to "get worse" by carrying on too long.

However he did not rule out a Rev film, saying: "It could probably hold it because of its tone... but we'd have to find a story that justifies it."

Image caption Jupp, pictured with Paul Merton, has appeared on the BBC's Have I Got News For You

Jupp is about to take on a new role as host of BBC Radio 4's The News Quiz, becoming its fifth host, replacing Sandi Toksvig.

"It's iconic, and that is what is both frightening and exciting," he said. "It's like being told, 'Here's this beautiful thing we made - it's your turn to hold it, don't break it.'"

He will present the 88th series of the show, and said he would like to have some politicians as guests, "particularly those who are capable of actual thought and speech".

"I want to make sure we keep having journalists on too," he said.

"They really go for the stories, whereas comedians tend to pick around the periphery of a news item and make jokes in the margin, which is valid."

Jupp came to fame on BBC children's show Balamory, but said he has not shown it to his children.

"I used to be worried about showing it to them because I thought that they would find it very odd," he said. "But I guess now children film themselves on an iPad and watch it back, so probably now being on screen, there's nothing magic about it."

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