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Oscars 2015: Double nominee gets time off Bond film

Anna Pinnock

British Oscar hopeful Anna Pinnock has been given time off from new James Bond film Spectre to attend Sunday's Academy Awards - where she is nominated twice.

This year British films and talent earned 39 nominations across 19 categories at the Oscars.

Pinnock is up against herself in the production design category for Into the Woods and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

"They've given me three days off," she told the BBC at a reception in Los Angeles for British Oscar nominees.

"We're not even half-way through yet. We've just been in Italy, in Rome, then we're back at Pinewood and then it's Mexico."

Many British nominees attended the annual Great British Film Reception in Hollywood, hosted by British consul general Chris O'Connor.

Most were behind-the-camera talent from categories such as cinematography, costume design, film editing, music, sound mixing and visual effects.

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Image caption One of Anna Pinnock's Oscar nominations has come for her work on The Grand Budapest Hotel

Pinnock, who grew up in Canterbury, won a Bafta for her production design on The Grand Budapest Hotel two weeks ago.

Her Oscar nominations this year are her fourth and fifth in a 30-year career. Her previous nods were for her work on Gosford Park, The Golden Compass and Life of Pi.

Talking about working on Wes Anderson's quirky comedy The Grand Budapest Hotel, she said: "It appeals on every level, it's definitely his best film."

The film has nine nominations at the Oscars with Pinnock tipped to win her category.

But she's been in the same position before - being up against herself at the Baftas in 2013 for Life of Pi and Bond film Skyfall.

"I didn't win anything - so you never know," she admitted.

"I don't write any speeches, because having been onstage at the Baftas it's absolutely terrifying - it's an out of body experience. Hopefully the right thing comes out of your mouth."

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