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Walmart deny 'stalling' over Morgan crash suit

Tracy Morgan and Kevin Roper Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Truck driver Kevin Roper (r) is not named in Morgan's legal action against his employer

US retail giant Walmart has rejected that it is deliberately stalling a legal action related to a car crash which injured comedian Tracy Morgan.

Morgan's attorneys have accused the retailer of using the truck driver at the centre of the accident to block a resolution to the 30 Rock star's case.

The driver, Kevin Roper, is trying to put Morgan's legal action on hold while he faces separate criminal charges.

Mr Roper was at the wheel of a Walmart truck that crashed into Morgan's bus.

Comedian James McNair died in the crash on the New Jersey Turnpike last June, while Morgan suffered a traumatic brain injury and broken bones.

Mr Roper, who is not named in Morgan's action, has been charged with death by vehicle and four counts of assault by vehicle.

Last month he filed a request to delay the comedian's federal lawsuit while his criminal case proceeds in New Jersey's state court.

Walmart said the accusation that it was "somehow behind Mr Roper's motion in an attempt to delay discovery is simply false".

Its statement followed claims from Morgan's legal team that Walmart was "attempting to gain an unfair advantage" and using Mr Roper's request as "a ploy to further delay this trial".

Morgan's legal team has accused Walmart of being "careless and negligent" in requiring Mr Roper to drive while fatigued.

Walmart have contended that Morgan's injuries and McNair's death were partly their own fault because they were not wearing seatbelts.

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