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Serpentine Gallery unveils giant 'doughnut' pavilion

media captionGiant Cocoon on display to public

London's Serpentine Gallery has unveiled a sculpture resembling a giant misshapen doughnut.

The temporary structure is the latest of its annual pavilions and has been created by the Chilean architect Smilijan Radic.

Radic's ring-like structure balances on a series of huge boulders, is open on one side and has a viewing area.

The gallery has hosted a new extension every year since 2000, with a different designer given the task each time.

Ai Weiwei, Oscar Niemeyer and Jean Nouvel are among the other artists and designers who have previously been commissioned to create the temporary space in Kensington Gardens.

According to the Serpentine, the annual attraction draws some 300,000 visitors every year.

Radic's fibreglass pavilion, which will be in place for four months, is designed to be a multi-purpose social space for the public.

image copyrightSerpentine
image captionThe public will be able to enjoy the pavilion until October

On selected Friday nights, between July and September, it will be the venue for events featuring art, poetry, music, film, literature and work by emerging artists.

Radic is the 14th architect to accept the invitation to design a temporary pavilion.

His design follows Sou Fujimoto's cloud-like structure, which was one of the most visited of the pavilions to date.

Most of Radic's previous structures have been in Chile and have been for a range of buildings, both public and domestic.

He has also created works outside Chile, including in Japan and Austria.

His Serpentine pavilion opens to the public on Thursday and will be on display until 19 October.

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