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Roger Lloyd Pack: Your memories

Roger Lloyd-Pack as Trigger in a 1990 episode of Only Fools and Horses

Roger Lloyd Pack, the British actor known to millions as slow-witted roadsweeper Trigger in BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses, has died aged 69.

His agent said he had pancreatic cancer and "died at home surrounded by his family".

BBC News website readers have been sending in their memories of meeting and working with the actor.

Paul Besterman, Las Vegas

I understudied him at the Old Vic, In A Flea in Her Ear, he played the same role that Olivier played on the very same stage that was Olivier's last live theatre performance to my knowledge. He took a weekend off just so I could go on for him ( I think), and he directed a lunchtime show we did at the Young Vic, during the run of Flea. A beautiful person.

Rachel Neave, Redhill

I had the pleasure of meeting Roger Lloyd Pack at the premiere for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy a couple of years ago. He was very humble and unassuming, taking the time to stop and talk with us as we stood amongst the crowd of onlookers behind the fences. He was amazed that we called to him by name stating "Everybody else seems to be calling me Trigger. Thank you." He was a lovely man and he will be sadly missed on our screens. Rest in peace Roger.

Angela, Braintree

I had the great honour of working with Roger on a short film back in 1997. I was working as continuity for work experience as part of a filmmaking course. Roger was a delight, a true gentleman. He advised us to eat all the delicious food provided by catering so that they would supply extra portions the next day - advice I have never forgotten!

Bruce Henderson, Fife

I did a scene alongside Roger Lloyd Pack in the first series of the Old Guys, which was partly filmed in Glasgow. Unlike some, he was very engaging between takes, had time for those around him and clearly enjoyed watching football. I think he was a Spurs fan.

Sad to see such a genuinely nice guy leave us but grateful to be able to say I did at least one scene alongside such a terrifically funny guy. RIP

Dan Poulton, London

As an anti-war and anti-austerity activist I came across Roger at demos and protests. His acting skills went way beyond comedy - he was fantastic in his supporting role alongside Mark Rylance (another anti-war supporter) in Richard III at the Globe which I was lucky to see as one of his last performances. Both the Stop the War Coalition and the People's Assembly Against Austerity were grateful to Roger's support and promotion. He supported many other causes and organisations.

The mainstream media no doubt will focus on Roger's well-deserved theatrical reputation but he should also be remembered as a staunch supporter of social justice everywhere.

Phil Kountouris, London

Shocked at the news. I knew Roger as a local. His son started our street party - last September was it's fourteenth. Roger, with a few others, basically organised the thing. Also from the Hampstead men's pond, where he was always happy to chat. Such a nice man.

Kim Goodwright, Bexleyheath

My mum was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1992 and during her illness we started raising money for the Macmillan Nurses. Roger was appearing in the pantomime at the Orchard Theatre, Dartford. We planted Christmas trees in both ours and our neighbours' gardens and Roger agreed to turn the lights on. He came and talked to my mum for half an hour, chatted with neighbours and had his photo taken with many of them. After the event he sent her a lovely note which she treasured until she died from the disease in 1997. Roger was a shining light and a true gentleman and a pleasure to meet.

Catherine McDonough

Roger directed me many years ago in a lunchtime production of Slave Island at The Young Vic. At the time he was working at The Old Vic in A Flea In Your Ear with some friends of mine. I saw him more recently in The Seagull at The Arcola. My sincere condolences to his family and friends. My father died of the same disease in 2007. I know how devastating and sudden it is.

Julie Dixon, North Walsham

I met Roger many years ago when I worked for a building society in London and I carried out some property transactions for him. He was a perfect gentleman, and remembered my name. I mentioned that my dad loved Only Fools and Horses and the next day he came in with a set of signed photos. We met up again years later having both moved to Norfolk. When I reminded him of our meeting all those years ago, he replied "You're Julie!" A genuine lovely man.

Daniel Nussbaum, London

He has been a regular at the men's and mixed ponds on the heath for many years. He will be sorely missed. He also organised the annual Lady Somerset Road Street party, a must on the Tufnell Park calendar. I met him many times over the last 10 years and he could never remember my name! It's very, very sad. He was a nice bloke, a very good actor and had a real social conscience.

Peter Beckley, London

Roger Lloyd Pack was the father of boys at a school where I taught. He was a strong supporter of the school and willingly gave up his time both when his children attended school and long after they left. He opened the summer fair and supported many events involving the English department. One of his sons played in the cricket team and he would often come along to watch him. He was always ready to stop and chat wherever he was either in school or about town. He will be sadly missed.

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