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Entertainment and arts quiz of 2013: Part one

Entertainment quiz of 2013 - part one

How much attention have you been paying to the world of entertainment and arts this year? Test your knowledge on what happened from January to June.

Man of Steel

1.) January

The year kicked off with the BBC's Sound of 2013 - who was named this year's winner?

Sound Of 2013 nominees
  1. Laura Mvula
  2. Tom Odell
  3. Haim
  4. AlunaGeorge

2.) January

Ben Affleck won a best director Golden Globe for Argo, but which of these awards did he not win for his directing efforts on the film?

Ben Affleck
  1. A Bafta
  2. An Oscar
  3. A Directors Guild of America award

3.) February

Steven Spielberg's Lincoln dominated the Oscars with 12 nominations, but how many awards did it actually win?

Daniel Day-Lewis
  1. Two
  2. Four
  3. Six

4.) February

More Oscars: Mark Wahlberg announced a tie in one category - what was the category?

Mark Wahlberg
  1. Sound mixing
  2. Sound editing
  3. Editing

5.) March

Jessie J * for Comic Relief

  1. tattooed
  2. swims
  3. shaves head

6.) March

What did James McAvoy admit doing during his West End run of Macbeth?

James McAvoy
  1. He accidentally punched a co-star
  2. He wet himself on stage
  3. He forgot his lines

7.) April

JLS announced this month they would be splitting up after five years - but what does JLS stand for?

  1. Joel Loves Soul
  2. Jack the Lad Swing
  3. Nothing - it's just random letters they made up

8.) April

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time took home the most awards at this year's Olivier Awards - how many did it win?

Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time
  1. 7
  2. 8
  3. 9

9.) May

Bonnie Tyler finished 19th at this year's Eurovision Song Contest representing the UK - how many points did she score?

Bonnie Tyler
  1. 22
  2. 23
  3. 24

10.) May

Joan Collins joins * cast

  1. Benidorm
  2. Downton Abbey
  3. Casualty

11.) June

What was the first 2013-released single to sell a million copies in the UK?

Avicii, Robin Thicke, Daft Punk
  1. Wake Me Up - Avicii
  2. Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke ft TI & Pharrell Williams
  3. Get Lucky - Daft Punk ft Pharrell Williams

12.) June

Zack Snyder's take on Superman was released in cinemas in June, featuring Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel. Where was Cavill born?

Henry Cavill
  1. Jersey
  2. Isle of Man
  3. Isle of Wight


  1. Los Angeles sisters Este, Alana and Danielle Haim topped this year's list. Aluna George were number two and Laura Mvula was fourth, while Tom Odell was longlisted in the top 15.
  2. Oscar snubbed Ben Affleck, not even giving him a nomination. However Argo won the best picture Oscar, which Affleck collected as a producer of the film.
  3. The film picked up just two awards - one for best production design and the other for its star Daniel Day-Lewis, who made history as the first man to win the best actor prize three times.
  4. Zero Dark Thirty and Skyfall shared the Oscar for best sound editing. It was just the sixth occurrence of a tie in the Academy's history.
  5. She shaved her head, helping to raise a record Ł75m.
  6. The Scottish actor admitted he stumbled over his lines, however he said he thought the audience "didn't quite notice".
  7. It's Jack the Lad Swing - combining the phrase "Jack the lad" and the musical genre of New Jack Swing.
  8. It collected seven awards - including best new play and best actor for Luke Treadaway - equalling Matilda The Musical's record in 2012.
  9. Bonnie managed just 23 points thanks to meagre scores from Sweden, Slovenia, Switzerland, Romania, Spain and Malta.
  10. The former Dynasty actress is to guest star in the sixth series of the ITV comedy.
  11. Daft Punk managed the feat, selling a million copies in just 69 days.
  12. The world's sexiest man - according to Glamour magazine - was born in Jersey.

Your Score

0 - 4 : Super Gran

5 - 9 : Supergirl

10 - 12 : Superman

Do you think you know what happened this year in the world of entertainment?

Have a go at the first part of our quiz, which covers January to June, and see how much you remember.

The second part of the quiz will be published on 26 December.