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The Fifth Estate tops Forbes list of 2013 film flops

image captionHow much? Cumberbatch on the Fifth Estate set with director Bill Condon

WikiLeaks drama The Fifth Estate is the biggest film flop of 2013, according to business magazine Forbes.

It condemned the Julian Assange biopic after setting its reported $28 million (£17m) budget against its global box office takings of $6 million (£3.7m).

It used these figures to calculate that Benedict Cumberbatch's drama earned back only 21% of what it cost to make.

Sylvester Stallone's Bullet to the Head and Harrison Ford's Paranoia are ranked second and third in its turkey Top 10.

Jason Statham vehicle Parker follows at four, while Mark Wahlberg's political drama Broken City is ranked at five.

The countdown also includes R.I.P.D., a critically reviled supernatural comedy whose 60% return on its $130m (£80m) budget sees it chart at nine.

There is no placing though for Disney's The Lone Ranger, adjudged to have broken even despite its poor performance at the US box office.

"While the film was undoubtedly a loser for Disney... it actually earned more than its production budget," the publication declares.

"The film brought in $260 million [£160m] on a budget of $215 million [£132m]. The 10 films on our list didn't even earn back their budgets."

The list does not take into account additional costs incurred for marketing, which the magazine claims can sometimes equal a film's total budget.

Assange distanced himself from Bill Condon's film, describing it as "wretched" work "of debased truth" in a letter to the actor playing him.

The outspoken founder of whistle-blowing site WikiLeaks has been sequestered at the Ecuadorian embassy in London since June 2012.

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