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In pictures: The Library of Lost Books

image captionDiscarded books from the old Birmingham central library have been given a new life after being transformed into works of art and put on display at the new Library of Birmingham. Artist Clare Whistler received The Flower of the Mind by poet Alice Meynell and has picked out its 29 named flowers in gold wire. Photos: David Knight.
image captionKyra Clegg has transformed William Cobbett's 1829 book on French grammar into an "imagined travelogue" of Cobbett's journey through revolutionary France, including letters, postcards, drawings and photographs.
image captionIllustrator Oliver Flude has added drawings that tell his own fantastical stories to a 19th Century book explaining the meanings of names and titles.
image captionArtist Kristine Steele reworked Illustrative Model-Making for Schools, which was published in 1939. Her new version reflects both the publication date and the fact that the school where the author worked was near a Spitfire factory in the West Midlands. Photos: David Knight.
image captionStephen Livingstone tackled a French book called Miracles de Notre Dame, featuring illustrations of miracles. Inspired by the presence of a cattle grid in one of the pictures and more recent stories of the "miracle" of sheep rolling over cattle grids, he took the volume apart and replaced the images with his own pictures of cattle grids to form a new concertina book.
image captionArtist Freya Pocklington was sent a 1924 edition of The Man Who Died Twice by Edwin Arlington Robinson, which won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1925. The exhibition, compiled by artist Susan Kruse, opens at the Library of Birmingham on Wednesday. Photos: Kayleigh Bestwick.

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