Miffy books to be updated for 'modern British audience'

image captionMiffy's bold graphic style and simple stories were an immediate hit with children

Children's favourite Miffy, the cartoon rabbit drawn by Dutch artist Dick Bruna, is to get a revamp in the UK.

Publishers Simon and Schuster have announced a number of Miffy books will be updated "to appeal to a modern British audience".

They will feature new translations of Bruna's original rhyming verse by award-winning poet Tony Mitton.

The books Miffy, Miffy at the Gallery and Miffy at the Zoo will be the first to be re-launched in February 2014.

A variety of novelty and activity books will also be published alongside the traditional square Miffy hardbacks.

It is 50 years since the series was first published in the UK.

Bruna created Miffy in 1955 whilst on a rainy seaside holiday, as a story to entertain his young son.

At first, he was uncertain whether the rabbit was a boy or a girl, but settled the matter by putting her in a dress for the sixth book, Miffy's Birthday, in 1970.

In Holland, she is called Nijntje ("little rabbit"). It was her first English translator, Olive Jones, who christened her Miffy.

Over the years, Bruna has written more than 30 books and at 85-years-old is still creating new Miffy stories.

More than 85 million copies have been sold around the world and they have been translated into more than 50 languages.

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