In pictures: The art of the brain

image captionThe brain provides the inspiration for a new exhibition, The Mind As Matter, at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. In Katharine Dowson's Memory of a Brain Malformation (2006), the blood vessels from a scan of her cousin's brain have been etched by laser into glass. It depicts a tumour that was later removed by laser. Courtesy of the artist and GV Art gallery, London.
image captionThe exhibition includes real brains and medical artefacts as well as artworks. Salford-based Daksha Patel created her drawing of a cross-section of the brain using goose fat on paper to represent the fact that the brain is largely made of fat and water. Image courtesy of the artist.
image captionUS artist William Utermohlen painted Self Portrait with Saw on the day in 1997 that he decided to allow his brain to be dissected after death. He had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, which can only be confirmed by a post-mortem examination. Utermohlen died in 2007. Image courtesy of the artist’s estate and GV Art gallery, London.
image captionDavid Marron is an artist and a part-time paramedic. He created this collage, Nervous Tissue Note Panel (2010), after attending a brain dissection. Image courtesy of the artist and GV Art gallery, London.
image captionEncoding-Decoding the Body (2012) by Australian artist Nina Sellars includes a hand-drawn QR code that leads to a video of the artist's brain scans, taken when she had a brain tumour aged 16. The Mind As Matter runs from Friday until 4 January; image courtesy of the artist and GV Art gallery, London.

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