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In pictures: Topsy turvy world of celebrity

image captionCelebrity faces - such as Simon Cowell (above) - are getting turned upside down in a new portrait exhibition at London art gallery Pertwee, Anderson and Gold.
image captionDarren Coffield’s Masters of Reality presents a series of painted portraits of well-known faces from screen icon Marilyn Monroe (above) to One Direction’s Harry Styles (next frame).
image captionThe London-based artist displaces the facial features so that eyes stare from chins whilst mouths hover under brows. Coffield’s work is described as an exploration of celebrity, identity and perception.
image captionCoffield explains: “There is now an excessive exposure to faces in the media. We see faces that have been idealised, manipulated and touched up." The portrait above is of Hollywood movie star Kirk Douglas.
image captionCoffield says the face has a strong social, cultural and historical role. “An inverted face is not only difficult to recognise but repositions our sensitivity to the spatial relationships between human features. Here, facial features become strange constellations of communication, whilst new facial recognition patterns emerge.” (Above: Justin Timberlake)
image captionCoffield was born in London in 1969 and studied at Goldsmiths College, Camberwell School of Art and the Slade School of Fine Art in London. (Above: Christopher Reeve as Superman)
image captionIn 2010, the artist was shortlisted in three major UK art competitions: the John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize, the BP Portrait Award at The National Portrait Gallery and the Threadneedle Prize. (Above: Taylor Swift)
image captionNo prizes for guessing that this final image is of Michael Jackson. Darren Coffield’s Masters of Reality runs at the Soho gallery from 12 April – 1 May.