Don Johnson gets $19m in legal battle settlement

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Don Johnson starred in all 122 episodes of Nash Bridges

Miami Vice actor Don Johnson has won a $19m (£14m) settlement after a long-running legal battle over his 1990s TV show Nash Bridges.

The actor had negotiated a 50% stake in the detective series with producer Rysher Entertainment if it lasted more than 66 episodes, he argued.

He scored a $51.2m (£33.2m) court victory against Rysher in 2010, but it was reduced to $15m (£11.2m) in 2012.

The money has now been paid, bringing the dispute to an end.

The earlier settlement had been so high because, when a jury awarded Johnson $23.2m (£17.3m), the judge added interest, inflating the figure to more than $50m.

In a statement in 2010, Johnson said: "Nash Bridges was my project and I poured my heart into it. I feel a sense of vindication and sincere gratitude that both the jury and Judge Stern continue to agree with me."

Rysher had contended the show had lost money overall, that Mr Johnson had made about $40m (£26m) from fees as an actor and producer, and was not owed any more.

According to court records, the settlement money was transferred on 30 January and the 60 year-old actor's lawyers had acknowledged receipt.

Two other companies, Qualia Capital and 2929 Entertainment, were also successfully sued by Mr Johnson as part of the same case.

The US cop drama, created by Carlton Cuse, followed Johnson and Cheech Marin as two inspectors with the San Francisco Police Department's Special Investigations Unit.

It ran for six seasons from March 1996 to May 2001 and is still shown around the world in 45 countries.

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