Coldplay donates track to tinnitus charity album

image captionColdplay's Chris Martin has had tinnitus for 10 years

British chart-toppers Coldplay have agreed to contribute a remix of one of their tracks to a charity album aimed at raising awareness of tinnitus.

DJ Eddy Temple-Morris, who dreamt up the project, said he planned to put together an album "where every single person involved has tinnitus".

Coldplay singer Chris Martin suffers from the condition - a constant buzzing in the ear, often caused by loud music.

Other bands involved in the project include Black Eyed Peas and Embrace.

The common condition, where sounds are heard in one or both ears when there is no external source, is caused by a misinterpretation by the brain of signals from the nerves in the ear.

The project, entitled I Am The One in Ten, is the brainchild of Temple-Morris, producer and ambassador of the British Tinnitus Association (BTA).


"We need to get through to the government that it's not just musicians and soldiers that get tinnitus, it's every layer of society," he said.

"We want to reflect this by putting together a compilation album where every single person involved has tinnitus."

Temple-Morris said he was "so happy that Chris Martin has given this his blessing" and that the album, if produced, "could be a game-changer".

The record, he continued, would include an exclusive remix of Coldplay's Charlie Brown, the third single from the band's 2011 release Mylo Xyloto.

"It's never been out and this will be the only place you can get it," Temple-Morris told the BBC.

"It's an amazing mix that I was hammering all over Europe last summer."

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