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Top of the Pops reruns to continue

Jimmy Savile on Top of the Pops
Image caption Concerns over the appearance of former host Jimmy Savile led to the show being pulled last year

Top of the Pops reruns will continue on the BBC, despite the decision to shelve a number of episodes in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal last year.

A spokeswoman for BBC Four, which has aired the reruns since 2011, confirmed the weekly shows would be retained.

In November, BBC Four's Richard Klein said broadcasting the repeats had become complex since revelations of Savile's history of abuse last autumn.

The latest archive editions will focus on the stars of 1978.

"Top Of The Pops is continuing with 1978 this year," a BBC Four spokesman said, in a statement. However, he reiterated that they would not be be showing editions of the programme which feature Savile.


Late last year, station controller Klein said he had not yet come to a decision about whether to continue the programmes next year.

"At the moment we haven't actually scheduled 1978. We've only done it the last two years, so if we didn't do it again it wouldn't be the end of the world - and audience figures have declined."

Several programmes were pulled after a slew of allegations emerged regarding former DJ and Top of the Pops host Savile. The arrest of Dave Lee Travis and his questioning about sex offences also led to a programme being postponed.

"These are judgment decisions that we're making about what we think is right, and it's largely case-by-case," said Klein, in November.

"I think it requires us to be cautious and careful without overreacting, to take into account public sensibilities to take into account legalities.

Klein has previously said that convicted sex offender Gary Glitter would not be shown in the archive footage again, following a number of complaints from the public last year - "showing him would be wrong, that's a decision that has been made".

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