James Bond: Cars, catchphrases and kisses

With the 23rd official film Skyfall hitting cinema screens, and the franchise marking its 50th anniversary, we look back at how the films have differed over the years, and how much they have earned.

Skyfall is the third outing for Daniel Craig as 007 - but how does he match up against previous Bonds? We totalled up how much each film is estimated to have made at the box office worldwide, and our intrepid reporters sat through all 23 films to draw up definitive data on women kissed, villains dispatched and catchphrases uttered. Keep scrolling down the page to find out more.

  • Women kissed
  • 'Bond, James Bond'
  • Villains killed
  • Dr No 1962, $555,148,305
  • From Russia With Love 1963, $671,902,652
  • Goldfinger 1964, $1,013,661,154
  • Thunderball 1965, $1,047,886,427
  • You Only Live Twice 1967 $702,007,974
  • Diamonds Are Forever 1971, $546,739,470
This never happened to the other fellow" 2_lazenby
  • Women kissed
  • 'Bond, James Bond'
  • Villains killed
  • On Her Majesty's Secret Service 1969, $457,179,813
  • Women kissed
  • 'Bond, James Bond'
  • Villains killed
  • Live And Let Die 1973, $728,013,713
  • The Man With The Golden Gun 1974, $408,909,505
  • The Spy Who Loved Me 1977, $658,558,502
  • Moonraker 1979, $661,029,641
  • For Your Eyes Only 1981 $556,404,488
  • Octopussy 1983, $471,409,755
  • A View To A Kill 1985, $340,537,320
3_info We have an old saying too... And you're full of it"
  • Women kissed
  • 'Bond, James Bond'
  • Villains killed
  • The Living Daylights 1987, $387,351,014
  • Licence To Kill 1989, $309,938,904
3_info I thought Christmas only comes once a year"
  • Women kissed
  • 'Bond, James Bond'
  • Villains killed
6_info Don't worry, you're not my type."
  • Casino Royale 2006, $721,101,453
  • Quantum Of Solace 2008, $652,638,208
  • Skyfall 2012
connery Is that who it was? Well, it just proves no one's indestructible"
moore I'd heard the price of eggs was going up, but isn't that a little high ?"
  • Women kissed
  • 'Bond, James Bond'
  • Villains killed
  • GoldenEye 1995, $648,889,617
  • Tomorrow Never Dies 1997, $573,336,225
  • The World Is Not Enough 1999, $542,928,688
  • Die Another Day 2002, $575,090,113
Best value Bond Which 007 earned the most and averaged the most at the box office
  • 4 Roger Moore total: $3.8 billion average per film: $546 million Familiar to TV audiences for his roles in Ivanhoe, The Saint and The Persuaders, Roger Moore proved to be a popular replacement for Connery and brought a lighter touch to his seven outings as Bond. Throughout his tenure he was gently mocked for his limited acting range and reliance on stunt doubles, ribbing he tolerated with typical good humour.
  • 5 George Lazenby total: $457 million average per film: $457 million Australian model George Lazenby had no acting experience prior to being cast as Bond in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) and won few fans with his Connery-influenced take on the character. Before the film’s release he publicly announced he did not wish to play the role again. Despite this, in 2012 the film topped a poll to find the greatest Bond film run by 007 Magazine.
  • 6 Timothy Dalton total: $697 million average per film: $349 million Timothy Dalton’s casting was a last-minute decision after first choice Pierce Brosnan became unavailable. The classically trained Welshman drew inspiration from Ian Fleming’s original books to lend a tougher, more ruthless streak to his two James Bond films, The Living Daylights (1987) and Licence To Kill (1989).
  • 1 Sean Connery total: $4.5 billion average per film: $756 million A former milkman, sailor and bodybuilder, Sean Connery was a relative unknown when he was cast as the first James Bond in 1962’s Dr No. He reprised the role in four more films before exiting the series, only to be subsequently wooed back for 1971’s Diamonds Are Forever. In 1983 he returned to his signature part in the non Eon produced Never Say Never Again.
  • 2 Daniel Craig total: $1.4 billion average per film: $687 million Daniel Craig was not everyone’s choice as James Bond but confounded the naysayers with an intense, muscular portrayal in 2006’s Casino Royale. Skyfall, out in October, follows 2008’s Quantum of Solace and the short film made for the London 2012 opening ceremony in which his Bond appeared with Her Majesty The Queen.
  • 3 Pierce Brosnan total: $2.3 billion average per film: $585 million After missing out in 1987, Pierce Brosnan finally landed the 007 role in 1995 and played an important role in re-energising the series after a six-year hiatus. The Irish actor made four appearances as 007, beginning with GoldenEye and ending with Die Another Day (2002).
connery lazenby moore dalton brosnan craig summary

All figures are for global box office revenue, adjusted for inflation. Data from Nash Information Services, with inflation-adjustment based on calculations in the book George Lucas's Blockbusting.

Production: Helene Sears, Tom Housden, Mark Savage, Steven Atherton.

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