Channel 4 to host all-night rave

image captionGrandmaster Flash is one of the DJs that will be playing at the event

Channel 4 is to broadcast a live, advert-free, six-hour house party to celebrate clubbing and rave culture.

The show will feature six hour-long sets from DJs including hip-hop pioneer Grandmaster Flash and Radio 1's Annie Mac.

Channel 4 said the event would turn the TV "into the ultimate DJ booth" with viewers able to request songs via social media sites.

House Party will be broadcast from 00:00 BST to 06:00 on Friday 24 August.

As part of the London 2012 Festival , the show will also feature "visual sets" from computer animators and graphic artists who will provide continuous video and graphics.

Channel 4 said the event would be a "genuine one-off" and would not be repeated or available on its on demand services.

"Like all the best club nights and parties if you want to be there you do have to actually turn up," Channel 4's arts commissioner Tabitha Jackson said.

"If we can pull it off, we will have created a pretty unique experience. Great DJing is about much more than just hitting play and standing there with your hands in the air.

"We are about to get up-close and personal with some of the world best exponents of the real art of turntablism."

Before the live show, Idris Elba will also front How Clubbing Changed the World - a two-hour programme exploring how clubbing went from an underground movement to a multi-billion pound business.

It coincides with the 20th anniversary of the free rave at Castlemorton near Malvern in Worcestershire, which was attended by 40,000 revellers and lasted a week.

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