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Waybuloo format changes scrapped after one day

Image caption Waybuloo tells the tale of four piplings who live in the land of Nara

The BBC has scrapped changes to children's show Waybuloo after parents complained about a "sarcastic" commentary provided by Come Dine With Me narrator Dave Lamb.

The show, which has been on CBeebies for three years, tells the story of "piplings" who practise "yogo".

A new shorter version, with voiceover by Lamb, was introduced on Monday and prompted 150 complaints from parents.

The BBC changed back after a day saying it had "listened to all your feedback".

The show, a joint British-Canadian production, is set in the land of Nara and features CGI characters Nok Tok, De Li, Lau Lau and Yojojo as well as real children, or "cheebies".

The new format, which also saw the programme shortened from 20 minutes to 10, inspired a flurry of telephone complaints from parents as well as on Facebook, Twitter and on the CBeebies website.

One parent, Emma, complained on the CBeebies "grownups" site that the voice-over was "totally unnecessary and has spoiled what was an enchanting programme".

"It completely jars with the programme - just sounds like a sarcastic running commentary, just like Come Dine With Me," she said.

Another parent wrote that she could not believe "you got the guy from Come Dine With Me to do the voiceover".

"So, so tacky. Also the narration seemed quite aggressive - almost as if he was mocking the characters. Really disappointed."

And "Thomasmummy" wrote: "Whilst I appreciate Dave Lamb is great on Come Dine with Me, I feel his narration just doesn't work - too loud and humour that maybe the children won't understand."

She added: "My little boy - 18 months - loves Waybuloo but tonight he stood behind the chair and watched from a distance."

Writing on the CBeebies website on Tuesday, the show's producers said: "Thanks for all your comments - it's great to see how passionate you are about the show.

"We've listened to all your feedback and have decided to revert to the original format for the show in bedtime from tonight onwards."

The decision prompted praise from parents on the website "for reacting to people's comments so quickly".

Announcing the changes at the weekend, the show's executive producer Vanessa Hill had written: "We know that our fans love the Piplings, the show's positive outlook and the chance to get down on the living room floor and join in with some yogo - so obviously all of that had to stay."

She said Dave Lamb would bring "his trademark inimitable and humorous style to the series, acting as a light-hearted guide for children, but also their parents, to the piplings' adventures in Nara".

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