Exploring Hogarth's House

The artistic achievements of the 18th Century painter and engraver, William Hogarth, can be seen on the walls of some of the UK's leading galleries. But for the past three years, by a busy road in west London, work has been going on to protect Hogarth's personal legacy.

Lars Tharp - one of the longest serving experts on BBC One's Antiques Roadshow and leading member of the Hogarth Trust - showed Radio 4's Today around Hogarth's newly refurbished home, and explained why he found the artist's work so enthralling.

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Hogarth's works can currently be seen in London at The National Gallery, and as part of BP British Art Displays at Tate Britain.

Music courtesy KPM Music. Some images courtesy Getty Images, The National Gallery, Tate Britain, Chiswick Library and Katri Salonen.

Audio interview by Nick Higham. Slideshow production by Paul Kerley. Publication date 8 November.


William Hogarth Trust

Hogarth's House - London Borough of Hounslow

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