Peter Capaldi honours spoof film stars

image captionPeter Capaldi has said spin doctor Malcolm Tucker will return for the fourth series of The Thick Of It

The Thick Of It star Peter Capaldi is to present a spoof TV documentary about the "forgotten stars" of a fictional film studio.

In Cricklewood Greats, Capaldi has created an illustrious and eccentric history for Cricklewood Film Studios.

The actors and directors are all fictional, apart from Monty Python star Terry Gilliam, who will play himself.

Gilliam's epic Professor Hypochondria's Magical Odyssey will be blamed for destroying the studios in the 1980s.

Capaldi, who is also writing and directing the one-off comedy, said: "It's weathered many a storm but the British film industry is, thankfully, still afloat.

"However, more than a few souls have been thrown overboard along the way and I'm therefore delighted that BBC Four has allowed me to explore the lives of some of these now forgotten icons of British cinema.

"Finally, the role of Cricklewood Studios and its Greats will be recognised. It's a privilege to be able to shine the spotlight on them once more."

Meanwhile, Capaldi, who plays spin doctor Malcolm Tucker in The Thick Of It, has told comedy website Chortle that he will be involved in the political satire's fourth series when it starts filming next year.

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