BBC sorry for 'over-talking' Wimbledon commentators

image captionAndrew Castle and John McEnroe were among the BBC's commentators and pundits

The BBC has apologised after viewers complained about "over-talking" by its commentary team during Wimbledon.

It said in a statement that views on commentary were subjective but that "we do appreciate that over-talking can irritate our audience".

It added that it hoped it had achieved "the right balance" across its coverage and was "of course sorry if on occasion you have not been satisfied".

Tim Henman and John McEnroe were among the ex-players offering punditry.

Pat Cash, Boris Becker, Lindsay Davenport and Greg Rusedski also commentated on matches during the two-week tournament.

"The aim of our commentary team was to inform our audience and give context to the matches we showed," the statement added.

It said the "diversity of the team itself added balance and insight where necessary" and that views on commentary were subjective.

A BBC spokesman said the corporation had received more than 100 complaints about "excessive" talking.

Viewers also logged on to the Points of View website to complain.

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