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Chris Moyles launches on-air tirade over pay

Radio 1 breakfast show DJ Chris Moyles launched an on-air tirade against the BBC on Wednesday, claiming he had not been paid for two months.

"I'm very, very angry for being put into this position," he said. "I haven't been paid since the end of July and no-one cares about it."

Moyles, 36, said he had considered skipping work, adding: "If they can't be bothered, why should I bother?"

He signed a new contract with the BBC, which declined to comment, in July.

At the time, he talked about his delight at the new deal, writing on Twitter: "I might treat myself to a few drinks tonight as it's warm and the contract at work is now done. 12 more months of early starts!"

In contrast, the host spent the early part of Wednesday morning's broadcast complaining about his pay.

"I was texting my agent last night," he said, "and I am so angry that they've put me in this position where now I have to choose whether or not I go to work."

"Fix it, just get it fixed. It's a huge lack of respect."

His producers and colleagues attempted to soothe the situation, saying they had faced similar situations previously.

But Moyles seemed unrepentant. "It's to do with our new contracts," he argued. "It's some idiot who didn't put a bit of paperwork through.

"I pretty much know who's responsible in this building. I even know the name of the moronic div.

"I bet you any money their ass is getting paid," he added.

He went on to appeal to the BBC's director general, Mark Thompson, to sort the situation out.

"What is it worth for me to carry on 'til, let's say, seven? A tenner?" he asked.

"Can you imagine if Terry Wogan had not been paid for two months, do you think that would ever happen? It just wouldn't, would it?

"Do you ever think anyone would forget to pay Chris Evans for two months and nobody would panic about it?"

'Not sorry'

The discussion of Moyles' salary lasted around 25 minutes, although it branched off into a tongue-in-cheek rant about the lack of fresh milk in the Radio One fridge.

By 0700BST, the DJ had yet to play a record, and listeners were texting in to voice their opinions.

One said: "Stop moaning, you get paid a fortune compared to most people," provoking further ire from the presenter.

"You know nothing about my life," he said. "What, because I get paid more than you, if I don't get paid for two months I should just go 'oh well, harrumph'?

"If you really have a problem with it, I'll pay your licence fee to the BBC so you can switch off and listen to something else."

"I'm not sorry for the outburst at all," he summarised, "I needed to get it out of my system otherwise I'd be angry for the rest of the show."

"Don't get me wrong, I love my job."

Moyles is Radio One's longest-serving breakfast host, having occupied the position since January 2004.

The star's agent declined to add to his comments, but said the issue was in the process of being rectified.

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