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Plastic Bertrand tells paper he did not sing 'Ca Plane'

Plastic Bertrand in 1978
Image caption Ca Plane Pour Moi went to number eight in the Top 40 UK chart in 1978

Musician Plastic Bertrand has apparently admitted he did not sing on hit single Ca Plane Pour Moi - which is the subject of a court case in Belgium.

The star was quoted in Belgian newspaper Le Soir saying producer Lou Deprijck performed the song's vocals.

"I don't mind saying it wasn't my voice," he said. "I wanted to sing but he wouldn't let me into the studio."

Deprijck has been taken to court by record label AMC for claiming that it was his voice on the 1977 original.

Bertrand told the paper that Deprijck had asked him to "keep his mouth shut in exchange for 0.5% of the royalties, promising that he'd let me use my voice on another version, which, of course, he never did."

He added: "I'm the victim. I wanted to sing but he wouldn't let me into the studio. This is going to dog me till my dying days. I'm really fed up"

An earlier legal case, in 2006, ruled that Bertrand was the "legal performer" of the verbose proto-punk hit.

That year, Deprijck released his own recording of Ca Plane Pour Moi - marketed as being the "original voice" on the track - which prompted record label AMC to pursue fresh legal action.

On Wednesday, an expert linguist told a court in Belgium that it was in fact Deprijck's voice on the record - based on the accent used by the performer.

Speaking to Le Parisien newspaper, Deprijck said: "I hope I will finally get my rights."

The producer said the case was about honour not money.

The original song went to number eight in the UK Top 40 chart in 1978.

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