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  1. Envelope update

    Severe disruption: A1(M) County Durham northbound

    BBC News Travel

    A1(M) County Durham northbound severe disruption, at J63 for A167.

    A1(M) County Durham - A1(M) lane closed on exit slip road northbound at J63, A167 (Chester-Le-Street), because of a breakdown. Traffic is coping well.

    To report traffic and travel incidents dial 0330 123 0184 at any time

  2. Chance to see 'Earth' from science museum

    A model of Earth has been installed in Newcastle's Centre for Life.

    Gaia by British artist Luke Jerram - who also created the work Museum of the Moon - measures 7m (30ft) in diameter and features detailed Nasa imagery of the Earth's surface.

    Gaia by Luke Jerram

    The suspended artwork gives visitors to the science museum a sense of what the planet looks like from space.

    Mr Jarram said: "When you're in space looking down on the planet you realise just how fragile we all are and how we are connected as we are all living on this thin little ledge of a planet and we're in a vulnerable state really."

    A view of Gaia by Luke Jerram

    The artwork took about six months to create with the imagery printed on to fabric, stitched together like a balloon and illuminated from the inside.

    Mr Jerram said he hoped it would encourage families to act on climate change.

    "We've only got one planet Earth and we've got to look after it," he said.

  3. Darlington boy is accepted into Mensa at the age of nine

    A boy still at junior school in Darlington has been accepted into Mensa, a society for people with outstanding intelligence.

    Nine-year-old Theo scored an IQ score of 147, way above the average of 100, following the two-hour test.

    Theo said: "I did a test and it was a bunch of different questions, I told my friends and they were impressed and some of them didn't believe me as the results were so good."

    His result puts him in the top 0.1% of children in his age group.

    Theo and his dad David

    Theo, who plays six musical instruments, follows in the footsteps of his parents who are both Mensa members.

    His dad David said: "We've always known since he was quite young that he was bright - when he was about 14 months old he would pick letters out of alphabet spaghetti and start singing alphabet songs, and he has done well all the way through s