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'No injuries' as a result of North Hykeham fire - Police

No one has been hurt in a major blaze which has been burning in North Hykeham this afternoon, it's been confirmed:

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Fire crews were called to the commercial building, on Freeman Road, just after 15:00 this afternoon - leading to the evacuation of some people from nearby premises.

Several fire crews remain at the scene of the blaze and traffic delays in the area are expected to continue for several hours.

Black smoke continues to billow from North Hykeham

People in the area around Freeman Road in North Hykeham are being told to keep their doors and windows closed as a result of a major fire in the area.

Fire crews were first called to the blaze at about 15:00 this afternoon and thick black smoke can still be seen for miles around.

These are the latest pictures from the scene:

Smoke from fire
John Cook
Smoke from fire
John Cook

Fire crews continue to battle major blaze in North Hykeham

This was the scene in North Hykeham earlier as fire crews continued to tackle a blaze in the town:

Building fire

Emergency services were called to the blaze, on Freeman Road, at about 15:00 and several fire crews remain at the scene.

The blaze is causing traffic problems in the town with drivers experiencing delays - with these expected to continue for some hours.

Local residents are being warned to keep their doors and windows closed.

'It was quite scary' - Local resident describes blaze

An eyewitness has been describing the scene of a fire in North Hykeham this afternoon.

Smoke from commercial building

Emergency crews were called to business premises on Freeman Road at about 15:00 this afternoon.

Smoke from the blaze is reported to be visible from up to 20 miles away.

Amelia Knight, who was evacuated from a nearby building, says it was a "quite scary" experience.

I haven't anything like that before. There is a lot of smoke and it's very black in colour, so I'm not surprised it's quite distinctive-looking from a distance."

Amelia KnightEyewitness