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Your photos: Harvests and hedgehogs

BBC Weather Watchers

The photos from the BBC Weather Watchers today are full of lovely autumnal images.

Here we have apples in Bromyard, potatoes in Edgmond and a hedgehog on a hedgehog on a miniature train track in Oakengates.

At least we hope its a miniature train track, because if it's full-sized then that hedgehog is massive.

Postman Les

Showers hanging around tonight

Alex Hamilton

BBC Weather

Still pretty cloudy this evening and tonight and, while most places will be mainly dry, there could be some showers around:

Alex Hamilton

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Warning of possible flooding as heavy rain forecast

The Environment Agency (EA) is warning that there could be more flooding towards the end of the week.

Heavy rain is forecast for some areas of the West Midlands and Wales on Friday and EA spokesperson Dave Throup tweeted to say "With saturated ground and fairly full rivers we’re monitoring the situation closely."


City considers shooting troublesome gulls

Worcester City Council could seek a licence to shoot gulls.

It has tried a number of non-lethal control methods, including replacing their eggs with fake ones, but at a meeting last night some councillors described that policy as a failure.

Getty Images

The council will discuss legal advice over the move behind closed doors next week.

All wild birds are protected by law, but it is possible for councils to apply to Natural England for a licence to kill them, if they’re seen as a risk to public health and if other methods have failed.

The RSPB said a number of gull species were in decline and it prefers to see steps taken to avoid conflict with humans, such as gull-proof bins and campaigns to stop people feeding the birds.