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  1. Analysis: A rare event at these elections - a Labour win

    Pete Simson

    Political reporter, BBC Radio Bristol

    Dan Norris

    We have a rare event at this set of elections, a significant gain for the Labour Party.

    Dan Norris returns to front line politics after almost a decade in the political wilderness, and has a job on his hands to show residents what this relatively new combined authority is all about. Many have no clue, or who his mayoral predecessor was (including the Prime Minister).

    Just how much progress he can make tackling the regions chronic housing and transport issues remains to be seen.

    For now, though, the Labour Party can console themselves knowing their core West of England vote has held strong. What chance a toast outside a certain Bath pub to celebrate I wonder?

  2. Bristol mayor: Who is in the running?

    Picture of Marvin Rees
    Image caption: Incumbent mayor Marvin Rees (Lab) will be looking to defend his seat

    As promised, here's the list of people in the running for the position of Bristol mayor.

    It's going to be a late on with predictions we might not find out the result until beyond midnight.

    • Incumbent mayor Marvin Rees (Lab) will be looking to defend his seat and seeks re-election.
    • Caroline Gooch, (Lib Dem), is a biomedical scientist who wants to scrap the role of mayor. This is her first election.
    • Sandy Hore-Ruthven (Green) is CEO of a charity for young people who is standing for the first time.
    • Alastair Watson (Cons) is a business consultant and former Lord Mayor of Bristol.
    • Tom Baldwin is a candidate from the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition and is an active campaigner.
    • Sean Donnelly (Independent) is a local business owner and runs a group of pubs in the city.
    • John Langley (Independent), who stood as an independent candidate in 2016, says he will prioritise homelessness, housing and transport.
    • Oska Shaw, a candidate from the Rights for Nature Campaign, is a student at UWE and advocates a referendum on the future of the mayoral system.
    • Robert Clarke (Reform UK)
  3. Total votes in the West of England mayoral contest

    Here's the total number of votes following the second preference run-off:

    • Dan Norris (Labour) -125,482
    • Samuel Williams (Conservative) - 85,389
  4. Dan Norris: 'I'm very proud of our region'

    Here's some of what Labour's Dan Norris said on the podium following his win.

    Quote Message: I'm very proud of our region. But it could be even better. I also want to thank Keir Starmer who unlocked this election in this region. I also want to thank my amazing campaign team. I'm very, very proud of what you've done. t's been a very tough set of debates, 15 in total. I feel like I know them [the other candidates] better than my family.
  5. BreakingDan Norris named as West of England mayor

    The former Labour MP will replace Conservative Tim Bowles who is retiring after four years in the role.

    Dan Norris
  6. West of England mayor third place candidate thanks public

    Jerome Thomas, the Green Party candidate for the West of England mayor, has thanked people who voted for him after he came third.

    There's still no overall winner with Samuel Williams and Dan Norris in a second preference fight.

    Mr Thomas said it showed how many people "in our region care about environmental and social justice".

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  7. BreakingWest of England mayor: Dan Norris and Samuel Williams through to second round

    The first round in the West of England mayoral election results are in, with Labour's Dan Norris and Conservative Samuel Williams through to the second round.

    Dan Norris (lab): 84,434

    Samuel Williams (con): 72,415

    Jerome Thomas (GN): 54,919

    Stephen Williams (LD): 41,193

    Mr Norris has a lead of 12,019 over Mr Williams. Second preference votes for both candidates will now be counted before a winner is declared.

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  8. 'I’m not sure it’s enough'

    Pete Simson

    Political reporter, BBC Radio Bristol

    Tory candidate Samuel Williams has arrived, he holds a 9,668 lead with Bristol’s first round results still to come.

    “I’m not sure it’s enough” he says.

    Samuel Williams
  9. In pictures: Counts under way across the West

    City Academy
    Image caption: At City Academy in Bristol, counting is under way for the West of England mayor
    City Academy
    Image caption: We are expecting a result after lunch
    Image caption: In Stroud, social distanced areas for the press are marked out in tape