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Extinction Rebellion swarm M32 and naked in council meeting

Image of protesters

Extinction Rebellion protesters have been swarming roads in Bristol's city center.

The protesters were converging on major roads in the city center from 4.30 pm and then moved on to other roads to continue their demonstration.

Image of drivers

A driver told a BBC reporter they thought there was a better way the demonstrations could be done that were not so disruptive to people working.

She added: "People need to get somewhere, I think it's silly".

Protesters are blocking Bristol city center roads

There have also been reports of five naked men and women seen in Bristol City Council's city hall building at 5.46 pm.

They allegedly stood up during a council meeting and took off their tops to revel the words "Act Now" written across their chests.

These protests are part of five-days of demonstrations asking for the government to declare a climate emergency.