US Election 2016

Donald Trump meets Barack Obama - five awkward photos

When Donald Trump met President Barack Obama at the White House, their antipathy was barely concealed.

Mr Trump has called the president the worst in history, while Mr Obama said the Republican was unfit for the office.

The New York hotel developer, now president-elect, persistently questioned the birth legitimacy of the Hawaii-born president, and was publicly mocked for it by Mr Obama.

The two men spoke for more than an hour in the Oval Office on Thursday and when they emerged, they tried to put their bitter past behind them, speaking warmly about unity and a peaceful transition.

But the cameras told another story.

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Image caption If I stare into space hard enough, this will all go away...
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Image caption Trump's mind seems to stray... perhaps to the humiliation of Obama's birther jokes in 2011
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Image caption OK, here's the moneyshot... but Obama is stony-faced and Trump gives the gritted-teeth smile
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Image caption Nuclear option when discomfort goes off the scale.... Trump decides he just can't look, he just CANNOT look
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Image caption No more handshakes, much to Trump's relief... just a grim upside-down smile

But it wasn't all excruciating...

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Image caption The two shared a lighter moment when Obama told the media that was it

Melania and Michelle had no such problems

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Image caption Melania Trump and Michelle Obama in conversation