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US election daily dig: Spooked Clinton camp hits back

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The Clinton campaign attempts to fight back in FBI email row, as the Obamas get a taste of life after the White House and the Trump campaign is plunged into darkness.

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Like a Halloween zombie that refuses to return to its grave, the email server controversy continues to stalk Hillary Clinton's every move.

Her campaign thinks it has found a silver bullet (or is that for werewolves?) in accusations that FBI director James Comey has broken the law by intervening in an election when he announced a fresh investigation into emails linked to Clinton.

Not only that, according to CNBC, Comey had been reluctant to pin the hacking of Democratic emails on the Russians because it was too close to polling day. A clear case of "double standards" say the Clinton camp.

They have also highlighted a story on Slate, which claims Trump had a secret server that has been communicating with a Russian based bank.

The controversy has helped Trump's campaign rise from what some have seen as its near death state, although the Republican nominee puzzled some pundits with his choice of campaign stops - Democratic strongholds New Mexico and Michigan - as he sought to capitalise on it. The Trump camp insists both states are in play on 8 November.

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All eyes are now on the polls, which were already showing signs of tightening before Friday's FBI bombshell. The few results that have come in so far suggest the public is largely ambivalent to the news, writes the BBC's Anthony Zurcher.

Although for real polling insight we must turn to BBC Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis's 12-year-old son who has been cold calling American voters on his friend's mobile phone.

Over at the White House, the demob-happy Obamas were also playing zombies, as they entertained a children's Halloween party with a rendition of Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Some enterprising youngster had dressed up as a lame duck - and if that was not enough to remind the Obamas they are on the way out, the White House announced that Obama will lose the Twitter handle @POTUS, which has 11 million followers.

From 20 January 2017, @POTUS will be made available to the 45th president of the United States.

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Image caption Who says there's a lame duck in the White House?

President Obama's tweets will move home to @POTUS44, a newly created handle maintained by the National Archives and Records Administration, and kept as a public archive.

To mark the occasion, Twitter pulled together 10 of President Obama's best tweets, including his first one on the Potus account.

With early voting underway in many US states, defeated Republican hopeful and Trump critic John Kasich revealed that he had cast his presidential ballot for 2008 Republican nominee John McCain.

But the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the former Republican contender's vote will not count, because McCain is not one of the certified write-in candidates on the Ohio ballot.

And finally, to return to the spooky Halloween theme, Donald Trump's running mate, Mike Pence, was plunged into darkness at a rally in Florida.

Pence left the stage, only to return seconds later with a police bull horn, as he continued to address the crowd at a cavernous airport hangar. About 10 minutes later, the power came back on and so did Pence's microphone.

"I'm here with the lights on, the lights off, bullhorn, flashlights. I'm here for this team," Pence told them.

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Media captionUS election: how Clinton's email saga began

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The number of emails FBI investigators are reportedly sifting through on shamed former Congressman Anthony Weiner's laptop for possible links to Hillary Clinton's email use.

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Tuesday's diary

Hillary Clinton is off to crucial swing state Florida for campaign rallies in Tampa and Fort Lauderdale. Husband Bill is due to speak in nearby St Petersburg.

Donald Trump is heading to Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, two battleground states where polls suggest he is closing on on Clinton, for joint rallies with running mate Mike Pence.

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