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'He's the only guy that will defend us' - reaction to Trump speech

Republican Donald Trump has outlined his immigration policy in a long-awaited speech in Phoenix. So how was it received by people there?

In the speech, Mr Trump set out his plan to secure the border, deport criminals and introduce strict vetting of people wishing to move to the US.

Any notion that he would soften his stance on these issues was soon dispelled as he stuck to his campaign pledge that Mexico would pay for a wall along the southern border of the US.

And he refused to rule out the possibility that millions of undocumented immigrants would be thrown out, although he made clear that kicking out the criminal ones was the priority.

Trump: Mexico will pay for wall, '100%'

Trump breathes fire in immigration speech

So what did people in Phoenix make of it?

Image caption Gonzalez's sign refers to ICE, the deportation force, and Arpaio who is a hardline Arizona sheriff

Arturo Gonzalez said: "I'm here because I hear what Donald Trump says about Mexicans. He talks badly about Mexicans. I work hard, I have a good job, I do a lot in this country."

Image caption Stacey Champion is concerned about the perception of the state

Stacey Champion has been living in Arizona for the last 18 years and works at a PR consulting firm.

"There's a perception that the state is very conservative and that's because of the Sheriff Arpaios and Donald Trumps in the world."

Image caption Refugees is a worry for Austin Michael

Austin Michael, 21 years old, an entrepreneur.

"National security is really not Hillary Clinton's concern - she wants to bring more refugees into the country and I do worry about groups like Isis and what that could mean for us," he said.

Image caption An expletive on Lourdes Stiver's sign has been concealed

Lourdes Stiver, a dual citizen of Mexico and the US, said: "I really wish I could give a speech in Spanish to people here. They would be totally convinced that he will fight for us.

"I cannot imagine America without Trump, he is the only guy that will defend us. The wall will really help - I have literally seen people with backpacks just walking over the border."

She is ashamed to be Mexican, she said, because it's a "nasty" and corrupt country.

Image caption Robert Soria wants global attention on the Trump candidacy

Robert Soria, who is retired, said: "I'm glad Donald Trump came to Arizona, because now he's exposed these bigoted supporters he has, these people who were afraid to come out have now come out and feel like he represents their values, people overseas need to know this."