Donald Trump's Mexico visit: A Spanish language guide

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image caption"¡Me gustan los tacos!"

Donald Trump's visit to Mexico on Wednesday is not without controversy, to say the least.

His successful bid for the US Republican presidential nomination came after claims Mexicans were "rapists" who dealt drugs - and criticism from Mexico's three most recent presidents.

He has also:

  • demanded Mexico build a wall on its US border
  • threatened to seize remittances sent home from the US by unregistered Mexicans
  • said he will deport all those living illegally in the States
  • said US politicians have been "moving our jobs, our wealth and our factories to Mexico and overseas" - and said he wants to bring them back

But the visit aims to bring him closer to Hispanic voters, and comes at the request of Mexico's president - so what phrases may prove useful to Mr Trump while he is there?

"Can we have our jobs back, please?"

"¿Nos pueden devolver nuestros puestos de trabajo por favor?"

Odds Trump will say this: Unlikely

"I have a lot of Mexican friends. They are the best Mexicans."

"Tengo muchos amigos mexicanos. Son los mejores mexicanos."

Odds Trump will say this: High

"I have been humbled by my visit and subsequently withdraw all my previous comments."

"Mi visita a Mexico me ha dejado impresionado y por tanto quisiera retractar todos mis comentarios previos."

Odds Trump will say this: Highly unlikely

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"You're going to pay for the wall."

"Ustedes van a pagar por este muro."

Odds Trump will say this: High

"It's going to be yuuuuge!"

"Va a ser enoooooorme."

Odds Trump will say this: Huge

"That's it, the wall just got 10ft higher."

"Ya me canse, ese muro ahora lo vamos a hacer diez pies mas alto."

Odds Trump will say this: As high as the wall

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image captionPinatas (decorated toy figures filled with sweets and smashed with a stick) of Donald Trump are popular in Mexico

"Crooked Hillary hasn't visited Mexico yet."

"La corrupta de Hillary todavia no ha visitado Mexico."

Odds Trump will say this: Almost guaranteed

"We're going to win bigly. Believe me."

"Vamos a ganar en grande, creanme."

Odds Trump will say this: Polls are mixed

"Mexicans love Donald Trump!"

"¡Los mexicanos aman a Donald Trump!"

Odds Trump will say this: Extremely high

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