Donald Trump gets heart surgery in computer game

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In the newly released update to Surgeon Simulator, gamers can perform operations on the Republican front runner Donald Trump.

A computer game allows gamers to perform heart surgery on Donald Trump and decide whether he has a heart of stone or gold.

The update to Surgeon Simulator by the British games designer Bossa Studios was released on to the online gaming platform Steam on Thursday.

Players win the game by successfully giving the Republican front runner a heart transplant, but they can also apply makeup, or add some Trump vodka, or Trump steak during the procedure.

Of the 23,195 'operations' carried out in the last 24 hours, only 5,460 have been successful. Unfortunately for Trump supporters, his avatar died the remaining 17,735 times.

Image source, Bossa Studios
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Gamers must decide whether Donald Trump should have a heart of stone or a heart of gold.

Richard Earl from Bossa Studios said that game was designed to allow their fans to express their views on one of the most discussed politicians in the world.

"We have had 6,000 'votes' so far. 2,500 gold hearts vs. 3,500 stone hearts and over the past 24 hours it has remained a fairly constant 40/60 split," he said.

"Since our initial launch of Surgeon Simulator in 2013, this Donald Trump update has been our most popular so far."

On the company's Facebook page many fans asked if there would be further updates to include Democratic candidates or British politicians.

'It's been exciting to start with Trump," Earl said, "but we haven't yet made any decision on whether or not to include other politicians such as Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.'

Blowing the Trump Trumpet

It's not the first time that game designers have been inspired by the American Presidential campaigns. In February, a Swedish advertising agency called Animal released where members of the public could blow Donald Trump's hair off with a trumpet. Four months later more than 124 million 'Trumps' have been blown.

Image source, Animal

The Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders featured a video arcade game on his re-election campaign website while running for the Senate in 2006. The 74-year-old flies a by-plane while trying to avoid obstacles such as 'The Extreme Right Wing' and 'Mud Slingers'. The game does not feature on his Presidential campaign site, but is archived online.

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A game promoted on Bernie Sanders' campaign website in 2006.

Hillary Clinton, the front runner in the Democratic Presidential race, has not been turned into a video game so far. In 2005 she lead a legislative campaign to have violent video games banned.

Compiled by Hannah Henderson, BBC's UGC and Social News Team