The voters who hold key to a Trump win

Katty Kay
Presenter, BBC World News
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Can Trump widen his appeal in places like Massachusetts?

If Donald Trump wants to win the White House in November he will have to find support in communities he hasn't done very well with so far.

He basically has four options. Win more Hispanics, more African Americans, more women or more working class voters who might previously have voted Democrat.

Of those groups the first two are probably a lost cause. He has said too many incendiary things about Hispanics and black Americans seem to be firmly in Hillary Clinton's camp.

That leaves women - and he will try to reach them, although we don't yet know whether he can overcome his popularity deficit with women voters.

But, curiously perhaps, the easiest place for Donald Trump to rack up a few more votes is in white, working-class communities where people who once voted Democrat like the sound of the New York billionaire.

We went to Revere, Massachusetts, to meet some of them.