US Election 2016

US election 2016: Primary results 26 April

Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island held elections on 26 April in a series of polls known as the "Acela Primary" - after the rail service which links all five states.

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump won all five of his races, and called himself "presumptive nominee" in a victory speech.

Hillary Clinton won all but Rhode Island to confirm her position as presumptive Democratic nominee, although rival Bernie Sanders has vowed to stay in the race until the end of the primaries process.

Results state by state

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Rhode Island

The delegate tracker

Winning delegates, the people who endorse a candidate at the party conventions in July, is key to securing the nomination.

The Democratic totals include the delegates won per state, as well as so-called "unpledged" or "super delegates". Hillary Clinton has a huge lead among the party leaders and elected officials who each get a vote at the convention.

AP conducts surveys of these super delegates, and adds them to a candidate's totals if they indicate their support. But super delegates can - and do - change their minds during the course of the campaign, so the figures may shift as the race unfolds.

The delegate tracker is updated automatically. There may be a short delay between the delegates being assigned and the totals changing.