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General election 2019, Your Questions Answered: Mental health services

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"What does your party plan to do about the state of mental health services in the Bristol area?"

Tricia Worthington used Your Questions Answered to ask the question ahead of the general election on 12 December.

We put the question to each candidate in her constituency of Bristol North West whose responses are below.

Chris Coleman - Liberal Democrat

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"Bristol's mental health crisis needs to be addressed urgently. The Lib Dems would introduce a 1p income tax rise to give our health service the resources it needs, ensuring mental health care gets the same funding parity as physical health.

"We'd also introduce maximum waiting time targets for NHS treatment."

Darren Jones - Labour

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"As an MP I've seen how the Tories' failure to invest in mental health services impacts people in desperate need of help.

"The availability of immediate care is woefully inadequate and specialised facilities are crumbling — Labour's commitment to modernise the estate and overhaul outdated treatment practices is therefore urgent."

Heather Mack - Green Party

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"I believe in the principle of the NHS, a universal, publicly provided healthcare free at the point of delivery - to widen and enhance the services provided.

"Our manifesto promises to fund major improvements to mental heath care and to truly put it on an equal footing with physical health, and ensure everyone who needs it can access evidence based mental therapies within 28 days."

Mark Weston - Conservative

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"The Conservatives are taking the issue of mental health very seriously, which is why in the last year alone we have increased mental health funding by over £500m and will be boosting it further with an additional £2.3bn over the next five years.

"We want everyone to be able to access the healthcare they need - be that physical or mental health support."

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