General election 2019: Labour's Brexit plan still 'unclear' says Carwyn Jones

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Carwyn Jones has urged "strength and clarity" from Jeremy Corbyn

The former Wales first minister Carwyn Jones has said the UK Labour Party's position on Brexit is not "clear" to him or the public.

He said Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had to make sure people understand the party's Brexit position during the first TV debate of the campaign.

Mr Jones was speaking to BBC Radio Wales' Leaders Lounge podcast.

Mr Corbyn went head to head with Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the general election debate on ITV on Tuesday.

Mr Jones said Mr Corbyn needed to be "strong and clear" over Labour's plan for Brexit.

He added: "What's absolutely crucial is [to] explain things briefly and quickly so people can understand - and Brexit is a case in point.

"He has to make sure people understand what a Labour government would do on the issue of Brexit because it's not absolutely clear to me.

"And if it's not clear to me then it's not going to be clear to the public."

A Welsh Labour spokesperson said: "Carwyn was speaking in a personal capacity. Welsh Labour wants to give the final say on Brexit back to the people in a public vote.

"In that referendum, Welsh Labour will campaign to remain."

The Leaders Lounge Podcast is now available from the BBC Sounds app.