Election 2019

Election 2019: Parties standing for election

This is a list of parties with candidates standing in the UK general election on 12 December 2019.

Main parties' policies are compared in the general election policy guide.

The deadline for the delivery of nomination papers by candidates to the Returning Officer was Thursday 14 November 2019.

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Parties with multiple candidates

Advance Together

Alliance for Green Socialism

Alliance Party

Animal Welfare Party


The Brexit Party

Christian Party

Christian Parties Alliance

Communist League

Communities United

Conservative Party

Democratic Unionist Party

English Democrats

Green Party for England & Wales

Gwlad Gwlad

The Independent Group for Change

Justice & Anti-Corruption Party

Labour Party

Liberal Democrats

Liberal Party


Monster Raving Loony Party

North East Party

Northern Ireland Green Party

The Peace Party

People Before Profit

Plaid Cymru

Proud of Oldham & Saddleworth


Scottish Family Party

Scottish Greens

Socialist Equality

Scottish National Party

Sinn Fein

Social Democratic Party

Social Democratic and Labour Party

Socialist Party of Great Britain

UK Independence Party

Ulster Unionist Party

Veterans and People's Party

Women's Equality Party

Workers Revolutionary Party

The Yeshua Party

The Yorkshire Party

Young People's Party

Parties with a single candidate

Ashfield Independents

Best for Luton

Birkenhead Social Justice Party

British National Party

Burnley & Padiham Independent Party

Church of the Militant Elvis Party

Citizens Movement Party UK

The Constitution and Reform Party


The Cynon Valley Party

Heavy Woollen District Independents

Independent Network

Lincolnshire Independents

Mebyon Kernow

Motherworld Party


Psychedelic Future Party

Rebooting Democracy

Shropshire Party

Socialist Labour Party

Space Navies Party

The Common People

Touch Love Worldwide

The Universal Good Party

Wycombe Independents