Election 2017

General election 2017: Wales' new faces at Westminster

Four new MPs are representing Wales at Westminster, with Labour capturing three seats from the Conservatives and Plaid Cymru snatching Ceredigion from the Liberal Democrats.

Labour is celebrating victories by Anna McMorrin in Cardiff North, Tonia Antoniazzi in Gower and the return of Chris Ruane in Vale of Clwyd.

Plaid Cymru's Ben Lake has become Wales' youngest current MP, aged 24, after winning Ceredigion from the Liberal Democrats.

Here are Wales' new political faces of 2017 by constituency.

Cardiff North

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Image caption Labour's Anna McMorrin celebrates with Cardiff Central MP Jo Stevens

Labour's Anna McMorrin is the new MP for this swing seat, winning a 4,174 majority and ousting Conservative Craig Williams.

She grew up near Brecon, went to university in Cardiff and lives in the city with her partner and two teenage daughters.

Previously a Welsh Government adviser and a public policy consultant before the election, she describes herself as a campaigner and mum.


Image caption Ben Lake's victory was the final Welsh election result declared on Friday morning

Plaid Cymru's Ben Lake is Wales' youngest MP after taking Ceredigion from the Liberal Democrats, depriving them of their only Welsh seat.

Aged 24, he was working for Plaid in the Welsh Assembly before hitting the campaign trail and is one of the youngest politicians ever elected to the House of Commons.


Image caption Tonia Antoniazzi says anger over Conservative policies prompted her to stand for Parliament

Tonia Antoniazzi won Gower from the Conservatives for Labour, turning a Tory majority of 27 into a 3,269 majority for her party.

A Llanelli schoolteacher who used to represent Wales at rugby, she says she is also a mum and a linguist.

While on the campaign trail she told BBC Wales two things she could transfer from the rugby pitch to the battle for the most marginal seat in Britain were stamina and teamwork.

Vale of Clwyd

Image caption Chris Ruane describes mindfulness as an "anchor" for him

Labour's Chris Ruane won the Vale of Clwyd back from the Conservatives, a seat he had held for 18 years before losing it in 2015.

He says practising the meditation technique known as mindfulness helped him cope with suddenly losing his job in 2015, and he travelled to Canberra to share the mindfulness message with Australian MPs.