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Election results 2017: Labour increase hold on West Yorkshire

image captionLabour gained three seats in the county taking 17 in all, the Tories held five seats.

The Labour Party has increased its hold on West Yorkshire, winning 17 of the county's 22 seats.

It gained three seats - Colne Valley and Keighley from the Conservatives, and Leeds North West from the Liberal Democrats.

The Conservatives held five seats as Andrea Jenkyns retained her Outwood and Morley constituency, where she ousted Labour's Ed Balls in 2015.

The loss of Leeds North West means the Lib Dems have no seats in the county.

Live election result and reaction from across Yorkshire

Labour's Alex Sobel took the Leeds North West seat from Greg Mullholland with a majority of 4,224 and 44% of the vote.

It was this seat that saw the biggest increase of registered voters in this campaign. There were 68,152 eligible voters, a 16% increase.

Mr Mulholland, who represented the Lib Dems in the seat for 12 years, sent a brief tweet and said: "Night night all, it's been an honour & privilege."

image captionAndrea Jenkyns and Stuart Andrew (Conservative) held on to their seats

The Keighley seat was gained for Labour by John Grogan who had a majority of just 249 over the Conservative, Kristan Hopkins.

In the third seat the party gained, Colne Valley, it was a majority of 915 for Labour's Thelma Walker over the sitting Conservative MP Jason McCartney.

Ms Walker said: "I could see people over the weeks listening to us on the doorstep and saying 'this is good this is what we want'. So we began the last few weeks to think we can do this."

image captionLeeds Town Hall was the venue for numerous 2017 election counts

Labour also retained several seats such as Halifax and Wakefield that had been Conservative targets.

In Halifax, where Theresa May launched the Tory manifesto, Labour's Holly Lynch increased her share of the vote from 40% to 52.8%, taking her 2015 majority of 428 to over 5,376.

Yvette Cooper, who retained Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford for Labour, and who voted against Jeremy Corbyn in last year's leadership election, said. "he won twice and that's why the party came together in this campaign to achieve this result".