Election 2017: Which seats changed hands?


The Conservatives have lost seats in Parliament and no longer enjoy an overall majority, while Labour has exceeded the expectations of pollsters and increased its number of MPs. But this isn't the whole story...

1. The Conservatives won 20 seats

Although it was a bad night for Theresa May's party overall, with 33 MPs ejected from Parliament, it actually won seats elsewhere.

The majority of their gains were in Scotland, where the Conservatives performed well against the SNP, unseating the former SNP leader Alex Salmond in Gordon.

The party also took six seats from Labour, and snatched Clacton from UKIP.

2. Who lost seats to Labour?

Labour's six losses were offset by 36 gains - 28 of which were from the Conservatives and two from the Lib Dems - including Nick Clegg's former seat of Sheffield Hallam.

The party also took six Scottish seats from the SNP.

3. Most of the changes were in Scotland and the north of England

Although the political landscape of Northern Ireland has also shifted dramatically with the UUP and the SDLP losing all of their MPs.

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More maps showing the changes from 2015 to 2017 are here.

4. The SNP saw some huge majorities disappear

The table below shows the largest majorities in the last general election in 2015 that have been overturned.

Nine of the largest 10 previously belonged to the SNP - a 14,000-vote majority won by the party's former spokesperson on social justice, Eilidh Whiteford, in 2015 has been converted into a 4,000-vote majority for the Conservatives.

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