Election 2017

General election 2017: Voter registration deadline looms

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Media captionDon't get left outside on polling day - here's how to register to vote

The clock is ticking on the deadline for registering to vote in the 2017 general election.

Eligible voters have until 23:59 BST to register through the official website to vote on 8 June.

Official figures show the number of applications reached 207,061 on Sunday - the highest total since last year's EU referendum.

More than two million people have joined the register since Theresa May announced the election.

The latest official figures, published in March, showed that 45.7 million people were registered to vote in a general election as of 1 December 2016.

The Electoral Commission has warned that about seven million people across Britain who are eligible to vote are not registered.

This includes 30% of under 34s, while only 28% of home movers in the past year have registered.

Anyone wanting to vote on 8 June who is not already on the electoral register needs to sign up or they will miss out.

There is expected to be a spike of applications in the run-up to the cut-off time.

Both Instagram and Snapchat are carrying prominent reminders of the deadline in order to encourage their users to sign up.

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