General Election 2017: Jeremy Corbyn doubles down on defence

Laura Kuenssberg
Political editor
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As we reported a couple of weeks ago, rather than scramble to cover up his past views for fear they would be unpopular, Jeremy Corbyn was planning to double down, to outline proudly his views on foreign affairs.

Well, today that's exactly what he'll do.

In a set-piece speech on foreign affairs he will express his view that the war on terror has "failed"; that the interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan were mistakes.

And he will take direct aim at Theresa May, saying there must be no more "hand holding" with Donald Trump (remember THAT picture?). You can read more about what he'll say here.

It's more "let Jeremy be Jeremy", a plan to show who he is, in part to shore up his base support.

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image captionThere will be no more "hand holding" with the US president, says Jeremy Corbyn

Many former Labour members who had walked away over Iraq returned "home" under Corbyn's leadership.

For many Labour candidates, however, his views on foreign affairs and defence are one of his big vulnerabilities.

Many say on the doorstep voters question his attitude, remembering early events from his leadership like him not singing the national anthem and his views on "shoot to kill".

Theresa May knows it.

Today she will accuse the Labour Party of letting down their working-class voters, who are "proud and patriotic".

Again she'll be on the road in areas where, until recently, the idea of a Tory MP being chosen would have been laughed out of town.