Wales Election 2016

Wales election issue guide 2016: Agriculture and natural resources

Parties listed alphabetically

  • Invest nationwide in home energy efficiency schemes and green energy
  • Work with farmers to maximise benefits from any changes to the EU's Common Agricultural Policy
  • Oppose development of any new opencast mining
  • Ensure the Rural Development Programme delivers for the red meat and dairy sectors
  • Axe the £73 million Welsh Government budget for climate change projects
  • Track down and close illegal puppy farms
  • Ban live export of animals outside UK
  • Make it compulsory to report traffic accidents involving deer
  • Make Wales a leader in tackling climate change by raising the ambition of emissions reduction targets
  • Produce all electricity demand in Wales from renewable sources by 2030
  • Maintain Wales' GM-free status
  • Ban the use of snares
  • Re-establish rural affairs as a senior cabinet post
  • End the use of wild animals in circuses
  • Designate areas of high flood risk as "Blue Belt" land to prevent irresponsible development
  • Ensure councils pay fines imposed for failing to meet recycling targets
  • Invest in flood defences
  • Moratorium on fracking
  • Support best practice on biodiversity
  • Oppose any efforts to remove the ban on fox hunting
  • Ensure dedicated support for hill farming
  • Enshrine renewable energy and greenhouse gas targets in law
  • Support community energy projects
  • More small-scale grants to farmers to enable them to diversify and reduce carbon emissions, and improve their resilience and competitiveness

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