Wales Election 2016

Wales election issue guide 2016: Welsh language

Parties listed alphabetically

  • Implement the improvements to second-language Welsh learning as recommended in the review by Professor Sioned Davies, including a Welsh teaching continuum and, over time, Welsh medium education for all
  • Improve Foundation Phase teaching and the provision of Welsh so all pupils can speak Welsh "to an acceptable standard" by the age of seven
  • Expand the use of Welsh as the language of administration within local government and the wider public sector
  • Push for improved Welsh language status at UK and European levels, including the designation of Welsh as an official language of the European Union
  • Improve Welsh language provision for dementia and end-of-life care
  • Ensure Welsh public services are accessible to people through the medium of Welsh
  • Advocate access to paperwork in a person's language of choice, rather than placing over-emphasis on bilingual documents
  • Ensure efforts to promote bilingualism between English and Welsh as a springboard for learning other languages, not as an alternative
  • People have a right to live their lives through the medium of Welsh from nursery education through to college and university as well as in the workplace
  • Increase learning opportunities for children and adults
  • Place greater duties on public services to deliver bilingually
  • Overhaul Welsh language education strategy to include clear targets and to help all children in Wales become confident communicating in Welsh
  • Ensure that children in all Flying Start childcare settings have growing contact with the Welsh language
  • Develop a network of Welsh language business champions
  • Increase the Welsh Language Commissioner's accountability by making this an appointment of the National Assembly for Wales
  • Work towards one million people speaking Welsh by 2050
  • Establish a language usage fund
  • Continue to invest in encouraging more people to use and speak Welsh in their everyday lives
  • Amend the Welsh language measure so business and others can invest in promoting use of the language
  • Ensure Welsh Government policies undergo Welsh language impact assessment
  • Reform teaching of Welsh in English medium schools
  • Ensuring every primary and secondary school has sufficient numbers of qualified Welsh language teachers
  • Make language impact assessments of proposed developments a statutory requirement before planning permission is granted

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