Wales Election 2016

Wales election issue guide 2016: Local government

Parties listed alphabetically

  • Create regional combined authorities comprised of existing local councils, led by directly elected mayors
  • Votes at 16 for local government elections
  • Enable councils to offer free car parking in town centres
  • Dedicated town centre managers
  • Invite all councils to appoint councillors to assist assembly committees in oversight of Welsh ministers and government
  • Facilitate council mergers only where supported locally
  • Binding local referendums on key planning decisions
  • Devolve further powers and responsibility for economic development from Welsh Government to local councils
  • Councils should have more powers to work with and support their communities, bringing decision-making closer to home
  • Local government elections reformed so they are fairer and more proportional
  • Voting age brought down to 16 in all elections and referendums
  • Give local communities the final say on council mergers, via local referendums
  • Reform the local government funding formula to ensure that the challenges of delivering public services in rural areas can be met
  • Wage a war on waste at local government level
  • Increase the diversity of candidates in local government elections, by running an awareness campaign on the role of councillors
  • Create stronger, larger local authorities, as well as stronger town and community councils, and in turn devolve powers from Cardiff Bay
  • Reform local government funding to make councils more sustainable and self-sufficient
  • Slash the number of performance indicators collected by Welsh Government from councils
  • Work with local government to widen the adoption of the living wage
  • Ask the Local Government and Boundary Commission to draw up alternative proposals for the restructuring of local councils in Wales based on natural communities
  • Repeal powers that allow ministers to merge councils by decree
  • "Fair voting" system for council elections
  • Update the local government funding formula and seek to protect smaller councils from inappropriate variations in funding

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