Wales Election 2016

Wales election issue guide 2016: Health and social care

Parties listed alphabetically

  • Ensure no one has to wait more than 28 days for a cancer diagnosis or the all-clear
  • Bring down NHS waiting times by training and recruiting 1,000 extra doctors and 5,000 additional nurses
  • Provide free care for the elderly starting with abolishing charges for home care and people with dementia in the next five years
  • Reorganise the NHS by fully integrating primary, community and adult social care, and create a national network of acute and specialist hospitals
  • Introduce locally elected heath boards
  • Assign a specialist cancer nurse to everyone who is given a cancer diagnosis
  • Launch a Keogh-style independent inquiry into the whole NHS with the aim to ensure safe and minimum staffing levels
  • Improve Welsh language provision for dementia and end-of-life care
  • Place greater emphasis on promoting public health and reducing health inequalities
  • Change NHS Wales to ensure it meets changing needs of population
  • Combine health and social care
  • Remove the ban on blood donations from men who have had sex with other men, and their female partners
  • Increase NHS spending in real terms every year over next five years
  • Re-establish minor injury units at Colwyn Bay and Tenby, and in the Rhyl/Prestatyn area
  • Cap weekly care costs for older people at £400, and protect £100,000 in capital assets for those in residential care
  • Introduce a "scores on the doors" hospital rating system
  • New £80m treatment fund for life-threatening illnesses
  • Double to £50,000 the amount of cash older people going into care can keep from the sale of their homes
  • Cut waiting times by "eliminating" unnecessary attendance at hospitals and GP surgeries
  • Prioritise mental health treatment, support and prevention services
  • Improved access to a GP
  • End discrimination against mental health by putting it on a equal footing with physical health
  • More nurses in hospitals
  • An independent NHS Commission to look at future health services

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