Scotland Election 2016

Holyrood election 2016: Where the parties stand on transport

Voters in Scotland go to the polls on Thursday 5 May to choose their next MSPs. But where do the parties stand on key issues? Here we look at transport.

  • support a feasibility study on the extension of the Borders Railway, the first step toward extending the line
  • reduce the burden of Air Passenger Duty (APD) by 50% with the reduction beginning in 2018
  • £1bn annual funding for public transport
  • committed to a £5bn programme of investment in Scotland's railways over five years to 2019

  • regulate Scottish bus services
  • legislate for an integrated transport system where one smart ticket can take you across Scotland via all modes of transport
  • no cut to air passenger duty

  • investing £20m a year to tackle potholes
  • £100m would be set aside in a Roads Maintenance Fund over the term of the next Scottish Parliament
  • upgradesto the A82 in Argyll and the Highlands, the A75 in the south west (bypassing Springholm and Crocketford), the A1 in the Borders, and the A90 in the north east
  • the free bus pass scheme should be extended to community transport

  • no cut to air passenger duty
  • take forward plans to improve the A82, A9 and A96 among others
  • increase the support for ferry routes serving the Northern Isles, including a cut of 50% in ferry fares between the Northern Isles and the mainland
  • reintroduce the Air Discount Scheme for business travel from the islands

  • increased road maintenance
  • increasing the proportion of the transport budget spent on cycling and walking to 10% which equates to around £220m per annum
  • rolling out 20mph speed limits in residential areas and lengthening crossing times at pedestrian crossings
  • regulating buses and bringing rail back into public hands

  • speed up the implementation of dual carriageways
  • investigate the feasibility of opening both Forth road bridges to all types of traffic
  • restrict speed cameras to known accident black spots, with average speed cameras only used on bridges and during roadworks
  • bring forward both the rail link to Glasgow International Airport from Glasgow Central Station and the Crossrail Glasgow project