Northern Ireland Election 2016

NI election: Key party policies

Northern Ireland goes to the polls on 5 May to elect a new assembly. Browse the parties' key party policies below or click or tap a link to read more on a specific area.






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Parties listed alphabetically

  • Seek an all-party approach to health service transformation which is evidence-based and consulted on locally
  • Support shared education and continue working towards a single education system
  • Continue to implement 'Going for Growth' - the strategic action plan for agri-food
  • Continue to develop innovative approaches to removing interface barriers
  • Seek to increase spending on health by at least £1bn by the end of the next assembly term
  • Support shared education and continue working towards a single education system
  • Work with the agricultural industry to implement recommendations arising from 'Going for Growth'
  • Full implementation of the Fresh Start anti-paramilitary measures
  • Oppose privatisation of the health service and oppose cuts to frontline services
  • Ensure that all children have access to an integrated education throughout their academic careers
  • Encourage organic farming
  • Ensure a greater focus on domestic violence and the victims of domestic violence
  • Establish cross-party consensus on health policy
  • Promote a diverse, shared education system
  • Deliver the Farm Business Improvement Scheme
  • Continue progress towards a representative and accountable police service
  • Create a modern, financially sustainable health and social care system that delivers universal, high quality and safe services, free at the point of delivery
  • Reverse cuts to university places and reduce student fees ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to access higher education
  • Support the agriculture industry with polices that cut energy costs, encourage skills development and competitively promote the north's food and drink sector
  • There can be no room for leniency when dealing with those who attack older people. Introduce mandatory prison terms for those convicted of such attacks
  • Deal effectively with hospital outpatient and inpatient waiting lists
  • Northern Ireland must value all its children, but to do so we must equally facilitate the academic potential of some and the different talents of others
  • Obtain greater stability in farm gate prices, with processors, banks and government all having to play their part
  • Address the needs of innocent victims
  • Safe, quality and easily accessible healthcare
  • Work toward the goal of an administratively unified education system in Northern Ireland
  • Ensure farmers receive a fairer share of the price paid for their produce in supermarkets
  • Increase police numbers to the levels envisaged in the Patten Report
  • Ensure that the bulk of the £55m per day wasted on the EU is put into our patient care for our own people
  • Stop Sinn Féin and the executive destroying what was once rated a world-best education system
  • UKIP will stand up to Brussels, Westminster and Stormont in the best interests of our agriculture and fishing industries
  • Take back control of our borders and recognise, however limited, the benefits of controlled immigration