Northern Ireland Election 2016

NI election issues guide: Transport

Northern Ireland goes to the polls on 5 May to elect a new assembly. Browse the parties' key transport priorities below.

  • A regional infrastructure panel to identify the most important long-term infrastructure needs of Northern Ireland and to examine the costs associated with them
  • Gradually channel public investment towards public (rather than private) transport
  • Continue to support the development of community transport, working with providers to increase coverage
  • Develop an active travel bill to promote cycling and walking
  • Support for new road projects including the A5 between Strabane and Newbuildings, Londonderry - Dungiven and Randalstown - Castledawson sections of A6, York Street Interchange, Ballynahinch bypass, Newry Southern relief road and Enniskillen Southern bypass.
  • Extend the network of Park and Ride schemes at places like Portadown
  • An integrated bus and rail ticketing system similar to the Oyster Card plus free public transport for carers
  • Track improvements on Coleraine - Londonderry railway line and upgrades to Portadown and Antrim railway stations
  • Expand public transport, especially in rural areas
  • Simplify and integrate ticketing and fare structures across the public transport system
  • Ensure that all road upgrades include provision for cycling
  • Encourage the use of smaller, flexible electric or hybrid vehicles and investment in the electric charging network
  • Build A5 and A6 motorways
  • Complete the Belfast Rapid Transport system
  • Introduce an active travel bill to improve transport infrastructure
  • More investment in rail and bus services and walking and cycling infrastructure
  • A vibrant and equitable economy cannot operate without a modern roads network. The SDLP will prioritise the completion of the A5 and A6, as well as developing a comprehensive roads strategy for the next 20 years
  • Access to airports is essential - we will redevelop the Knockmore Line, reconnecting Belfast International Airport; build a halt at City of Derry Airport and enhance connections between the Bangor line and Belfast City Airport
  • Explore plans for cycling and walking greenways including in the Glens of Antrim, between Cookstown and Magherafelt and from Downpatrick to Newcastle
  • We will ensure that the development of the Narrow Water Bridge project is at the forefront of the next executive's infrastructural agenda
  • The priority must be towards building roads because of their economic, rather than political, justification
  • Choking Belfast city centre with bus lanes is not in the commercial interests of the city
  • The development of the International Airport and adequate public transport links, including a rail link should be prioritised, especially now that Dublin is considering a direct rail link from Belfast.
  • There is something radically wrong with the approach of government if it allows a situation to evolve whereby Northern Ireland passengers could connect directly by rail to Dublin Airport, but not to our own international airport
  • Develop traffic-free cycling infrastructure
  • Encourage active travel
  • Ensure our public transport system remains accessible and affordable
  • Implement ambitious infrastructure projects that increase connectivity and improve journey times
  • Renounce the intervention of the EU in respect of our transport policies
  • Accept that space for buses and cyclists needs managed but not at the expense of the motorist
  • Defend good bus and rail services and their expansion into rural areas. All we require are good, viable, cost effective policies
  • Ensure that speed cameras, hidden or otherwise, are used solely as a deterrent and not as cash cow revenue raisers

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