Election 2016

Labour's Keith Hunter elected PCC for Humberside

Keith Hunter
Image caption Ex-senior Humberside Police officer Keith Hunter won the role with 76,128 votes after the second round of counts

Labour Keith Hunter has been elected as Humberside's next police and crime commissioner.

Mr Hunter snatched the role from incumbent Matthew Grove after "second choice" votes were taken into consideration.

Neither him nor Mr Grove gained the required 50% of the vote to win outright in the first round of counts.

The former senior Humberside Police officer said he wanted "to pass more police power to communities".

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Humberside: Second round votes
Candidate Party Number of votes
Matthew Grove Conservative 51,757
Keith Hunter Labour 76,128

In his speech after being declared victory, gaining 76,128 votes in the the second round, Mr Hunter said he would "argue strongly for more investment in policing".

"I want to help raise the eyes of police officers, and staff, to the horizon again and help build the good morale that leads to good delivery.

"I will use the office of the police and crime commissioner to start shaping a service that is more, not less, responsive to communities.

"To do this is a big job and I make no rash promises about how quickly it can be achieved or how quickly you will see differences."

Image caption Matthew Grove said he was "proud of the work I did as PCC"

Mr Grove, who polled 51,757 in the second round of voting, wished his successor well and said he was "proud of the work I did as PCC".

Chief Constable Justine Curran said: "I'd like to congratulate Keith Hunter on his success in the election for the Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner and I look forward to working with him in serving our local communities and keeping them safe."

Turnout in the election was higher than in 2012 when Mr Grove was voted in with a figure of more than 22%, compared to 19.15% four years ago.

Results after the first round of votes

Candidates are listed alphabetically by surname. BBC News App users: tap here to see the candidates.

Candidate Party Number of votes
Matthew Grove Conservative 40,925
Denis Healy Liberal Democrat 23,451
Keith Hunter Labour 62,010
Mike Whitehead UKIP 27,434

More information is available on the Choose my PCC website.

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